Underground Site Utility Contractor & Excavation Services

Our Capabilities


Offering an array of underground utility services

Straightline Excavating Services

From excavation services to site utility work, we're available to help jumpstart your commercial construction project while keeping it on-time and on-budget. We’re excited to see your project succeed and to see it through from start to finish.



Excavating & Grading 

When the time comes to develop your property, our excavating and grading services will create a perfect foundation. Utilizing state-of-the-art GPS laser guided machinery, our excavators and dozers can prepare your land faster than ever, getting it done right the first time. This in turn can keep your commercial construction project on-time and on-budget.


Concrete rEmoval  

Trying to remove unsightly old concrete without the right machinery is risky business.  Your crews could spend hours trying to remove it by hand and risk getting seriously hurt. This can cost your organization way more time and energy than needed. By utilizing our trained operators and jaw crushing machinery, we can remove that unsightly mess, allowing your crews to get at more of what matters.


Hydrovac & Daylighting Services 

When traditional excavating methods can’t be utilized, hydro excavation is the clear alternative. By utilizing high pressure water and an industrial strength vacuum system, we can easily break up and collect soil without damaging any underground utilities or ecosystems. This debris can then be removed with very little environmental impact.  


Sewer Installation Services

Proper drainage is essential to keeping your parking lots and paved surfaces in optimal condition. Whether you’re installing new lines or you need an existing sewer or water line repaired, our underground utility experts can make it happen. We specialize in commercial storm sewer installations, sanitary sewer installations, and water main repairs.


Sewer Jetting & Cleaning

Over time debris in commercial sewer lines can often build up, creating stubborn clogs that are nearly impossible to remove. By utilizing our commercial hydro jetting equipment, we can remove unwanted blockages such as roots, grease, and debris in pipes from 6” to 60” and can jet pipes as far as 500 ft.

Commercial Snow Removal & Relocation

Any residential landscaping company can push snow, but when it comes to the big snows most traditional pickup trucks fall short. This can impede on operations and can quickly become a safety hazard. To assist, our commercial grade equipment can be deployed to ensure your property remains safe for customers, tenants, and employees. Once onsite, we’ll work around the clock to relocate and remove large snow piles to ensure operations around your facility don’t slow down.